I Sh*t Myself (Best Birthday Song Ever)

It was my birthday so I feel like some of ya’ll might understand.

I went out to celebrate and hadn’t eaten all day. I share birthdays with another friend so there were two big ol’, white butter cream cakes there. I’m not a big drinker but since it was my birthday, I took a couple of shots of good ol’ moonshine and ate several pieces of cake. So, by the time I was headed home, my stomach was boiling and bubbling. I was hot. I was cold. I was shaking. My nose started to itch. I sneezed hard and at the same time my worst nightmare became reality. I shit like never before and it just wouldn’t stop. So, I just rolled with it and started laughing. I was shitting and laughing. I thought, I gotta write this into a birthday song.


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My CD, King of the Barnyard, has a less explicit version called, I Deuced Myself.


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EJ Mathews – King of the Barnyard

EJ Mathews was awarded the 2017 Breakout Artist by Living Blues Magazine. This CD is EJ’s followup to that award and his 2016 release, Welcome to the Backwoods. EJ has a troop of great musicians backing him on this new and different approach to the blues and country. This CD was produced by EJ and Janky and recorded in Dallas, TX.
Musicians include:
Drums – Chuck “Popcorn” Louden (2011 Blues Drummer of the year)
Guitar – Kameron Overturf
Bass – Melvin Pearson
Bass – Janky
Steel Guitar – Jerry Guy on Fiverr
Special Guest Vocals by Miss Marcy
Artwork by Clay Stinnett

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Comin’ in hot in 2017, straight from the backwoods of East Texas with EJ Mathews – King of the Barnyard. This release finds EJ spreading his wings with a gang of great musicians including the great Chuck “Popcorn” Louden on drums. This release also backs up nicely to EJ’s award of Breakout Artist of 2017 in Living Blues Magazine. It’s dirty and sometimes soft but always straight from the soul of this great songwriter.

The artwork was commissioned by extremely prolific, Dallas artist Clay Stinnett. This CD was produced by EJ Mathews and Janky.

1. Ain’t Gon’ Botha Nobody
2. Move Your Feet
3. EJ, You Ugly
4. Sippin’ White Lightnin’
5. When I Rise
6. Let The Rooster Crow
7. I Love You Now More than When I Said I Do
8. Who Got My Green?
9. Pray For Me (prelude)
10.Pray for Me
11. It’s Crawfish time
12. Boggie in the Backwoods
13. I Sh*t myself – (the Birthday Song) Clean