I Sh*t Myself (Best Birthday Song Ever)

It was my birthday so I feel like some of ya’ll might understand.

I went out to celebrate and hadn’t eaten all day. I share birthdays with another friend so there were two big ol’, white butter cream cakes there. I’m not a big drinker but since it was my birthday, I took a couple of shots of good ol’ moonshine and ate several pieces of cake. So, by the time I was headed home, my stomach was boiling and bubbling. I was hot. I was cold. I was shaking. My nose started to itch. I sneezed hard and at the same time my worst nightmare became reality. I shit like never before and it just wouldn’t stop. So, I just rolled with it and started laughing. I was shitting and laughing. I thought, I gotta write this into a birthday song.


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My CD, King of the Barnyard, has a less explicit version called, I Deuced Myself.